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Communion Meditations (2019)


Date Night

Originally scheduled for August 11

The nature of romantic love changes after childbirth. You hold your beloved’s hand in your own, look tenderly into her eyes and suddenly hear the screech of a two-year-old whose diaper needs to be changed. It does not go down in history as one of the great romantic moments.

But still, the romantic nature of marriage must be preserved. Indeed, more than preserved it must be nourished. To that purpose, then, many couples have adopted the practice of a weekly date night. This doesn’t necessarily mean tuxedo and gown; it may be as simple as watching one particular television program, special to both of you, after the children are asleep. Your author has been married for over 50 years, and my wife and I still keep date night every week. We love each other more now than we ever have in the past — because we nourished the relationship consistently and constantly. We plan to continue this practice as long as we both shall live.

Perhaps you haven’t thought of it this way, but your relationship with Jesus Christ needs something of the same kind of nourishment. It’s not a romantic relationship, but it is a love relationship — and such relationships either grow or die. Why would you take the effort to nourish that relationship?

·         Nourishment is necessary for growth. If your relationship to God is to grow, then you must do some of the nourishing. He will do his part; but you cannot just sit back and watch.

·         Nourishment increases resilience. Love is a delicate plant at the beginning, but if you tend to it it can become very tough and resilient. 50 years means my wife and I have been through a lot together. It has made us closer together and tougher to split.

·         Nourishment is proof that you care. To give you a very minor example, a Christian gentleman opens the car door for his wife — and it’s not because she doesn’t know how to do it herself. It’s because he cares, and it shows.

Communion is the date night of the soul.

·         In communion you look back on the relationship, cherishing the memories of what has gone before. On Christ’s part, you see the blood and body shed and broken for you.

·         In communion you meet in the present, in love, strengthening the “now” in your relationship with Christ. You do this because he commanded it, and those who love him obey his commandments.

·         In communion you look forward to the future of the relationship — the resurrection of the dead at his return.

Do not do this trivially or as just a matter of routine. Rather, examine yourself, prepare yourself and then come to your Lord’s table to renew your love for him.

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