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Communion Meditations (2019)


Dance of Life

Originally scheduled for December 1

The story is told of a ballet company in the Soviet Union. In that place and time, it was a fairly common occurrence that someone would be required to “denounce” another member of the group. The choice was always given publicly, so the victim had to choose between the ballet company and, in this instance, her lover. While the company waited for her answer, she gave it in the form of a small set of steps. She went en pointe, and fluttered over to her lover. She bowed her head and placed it on her lover’s shoulder. No words were required; the gesture was sufficient.

We often forget that our actions speak louder than our words. What is it that we say when we take communion? What do we proclaim?

·         We proclaim the sacrificial death of Christ. He became sin who had no sin so that we might become righteous.

·         It therefore logically follows that we proclaim the resurrection of Christ.

·         And if we proclaim the resurrection of Christ it is a logical conclusion that we proclaim his return, his Second Coming.

These statements carry with them some implications.

·         To proclaim his sacrificial death is to say that you are a sinner. It also says that your debt of sin is paid, and you are a child of God.

·         To proclaim his resurrection implies that he has power over death — and therefore, as he promised, we shall be raised from the grave. Some of us will be raised to glory; others will be raised to judgment.

·         To proclaim his Second Coming implies that we shall see victory over Satan and evil. Following that will be the Judgment. Some will be rewarded; others punished. It also means that we shall find our new home in heaven for eternity.

This is what we proclaim — but most of us will never get the chance to do it in words. We therefore must do it in our lives. How do we do this?

·         Admit that you are a sinner. Seek to confess and repent as you examine yourself at communion. As a sinner, always challenge your right to judge.

·         Live in the hope of the resurrection. Make it clear you think that death is not final. There’s a big difference between a funeral and a home-going.

·         Live as if your Lord could return at any moment to judge the living and the dead — because that’s exactly the case.

You may never get the chance to stand up and speak from the pulpit. But you already have the chance to proclaim the truth by the way you dance through life.

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