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Communion Meditations (2019)


Alarm Clock

Originally scheduled for August 18

Those of a certain antiquity will remember the original design of the alarm clock. The clock usually had two brass bell structures on top, with a little hammer that oscillated between the two. You wound the clock; you wound the alarm mechanism and set it. When the hands of the clock got to the indicated hour the little hammer started vibrating, ringing the bells and in theory waking you up. At the time it was considered rather a nuisance — but this was because we didn’t know what was coming. The next major revolution in this concept was to make everything electronic. This allowed the modern alarm clock to sound like a buffalo herd running through your house. (And as the old song puts it, “give me a home where the buffalo roam — and I’ll show you a very messy house.”) It could, of course, be worse. You could be in the Army and be awakened by the drill sergeant version of the alarm clock — a full-sized metal trashcan being beaten with a baseball bat.

So why do we put up with these things? The purpose of the alarm clock is relatively simple:

·         It gets your eyes open.

·         It putas your body into action.

·         It does so giving you enough time to get something done.

Have you ever considered that communion is rather like an alarm clock for the spirit? It is to open your eyes, put you into action and give you enough time to get things done. Many of us view this is just some sort of ritual to be endured, but the truth is Christ instituted this so that you would remember what he did. In particular, that you would remember that he died, in the flesh, for sinners like you and me. He did not die just for the righteous people, but all of us. He want you to do something about it.

·         He wants you to open your eyes to the reality of sin in our world today. Our society has greatly deteriorated. Many no longer consider sin and judgment to be real.

·         He wants you in action — faith without works is dead.

·         He has given you the time to take action. That time is called “now.” Use the time wisely; do not idle it away.

Communion reminds you of what Christ did for us. It also reminds us that we are his hands and feet carrying the good news of the Gospel to the world.

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