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Communion Meditations (2018)



Originally scheduled for October 21

Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, but most electrical outlets in a modern home have three openings. Two of these are blade shaped, but the third is shaped to fit the prong on the plug. It’s more or less round. If you know anything about home electricity, you know that that third opening is called a “ground.” You might have wondered why. There is a very good reason: the ground is connected to the ground. As in, the earth, dirt, the planet. Real estate. Really!

You might wonder why. The reason is quite simple: electricity, like pretty much everything else, needs a reference point if it is to be measured. By definition, anything connected to the planet is at zero volts. By way of example, this reference point is used to determine when a circuit breaker will trip. If you put too much voltage into a household circuit it can damage the appliances or other items that are connected to it. The circuit breaker knows what zero voltage is, and therefore can measure whatever voltage is on the line. If it’s too high, the circuit breaker breaks the circuit and prevents damage to the things connected to it. Maybe you never thought of it this way, but the planet is the reference point of electricity.

Reference points: it’s surprising how many things need a reference point if they are to work correctly.

·         Where. Your reference point geographically might be a mountain or it might be the local McDonald’s. Whichever it is, it tells you where you are and thus gives you some idea of how to get where you’re going.

·         When. You have to have some way of telling time if you’re going to meet with someone at a particular time. It might be a watch, it might be your smart phone or maybe you carry around a sundial.

·         Why. You also need a reference point to answer that question. You might be doing something because it helps your kids, or because it makes money, or maybe it’s just fun. But prioritizing what you do often depends on that reference point.

Communion is the reference point of faith.

·         Communion tells you Who to place your faith in — Jesus Christ.

·         Communion tells you what Christ has done for you — for it is by his sacrifice that we commemorate that he has given you salvation.

·         Communion tells you why God did this — it was because of his great love for you, the measure of which is the sacrifice at Calvary.

·         Communion tells you how God did this — by his atonement, presenting his son as an acceptable sacrifice for our sins.

As you partake this morning, remember that you are “touching base” — going back to the reference point of Christianity. The bread his body, the cup his blood, serve to ground you in the faith.

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