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Communion Meditations (2018)


Three Pictures

Originally scheduled for November 18

The story is well known in the physics community, though there seems to be a lack of direct evidence to confirm it. The legend goes like this: in the 1930s, scientists at the University of Chicago were the first to split the atom and produce a confirmed, energy producing nuclear reaction. They put out a press release to this effect. One of the Chicago papers sent a journalist and a photographer over to the University to get the story in more detail. The journalist began by asking a few probing questions; this, however, left the photographer in the dark as to what was going on. He got tired of this, and took over the session by telling the scientists what they were going to do. “First, I need a picture of you guys standing around the atom. Then I need a picture of the atom being split, and after that a picture of you guys standing around next to the pieces.” Anybody who’s been through high school science classes knows this is not going to work. But it’s worth asking how the physicists knew that they had split the atom if the atom is so small they can’t see it. The answer simply is that this nuclear reaction produced energy. They had a micro process which produced macro results.

In a very similar way, communion changes people and you can see the results in the person. How does this work?

·         Repentance. The Christian comes before his Lord in communion, and should come with clean hands. Often enough, this requires repentance.

·         Contemplation. Communion causes the Christian to contemplate again the death, burial and resurrection of Christ — and how he should respond to it.

·         Anticipation. Christ specifically connected communion with his return; the Christian must look forward to this.

Communion is a simple thing; the cup, the bread. But if there is to be repentance, there must be self-examination first. Therefore, Christian, examine yourself carefully and see if there is any wickedness in you which needs to be removed. Think of the sacrifice that he made for you on the Cross; know again how much he loves you that he would die for you. Know also that he is coming again to judge the living and the dead — will you be ready? If you take these things seriously, you will change. The rest of the world may wonder why, but they will notice. Prepare yourself, then, for the body and blood of Christ.


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