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Communion Meditations (2018)


Sleeping Beauty

Originally scheduled for September 23

We are told that by his death Christ has destroyed the devil, Satan. It’s a little bit hard to see how that works for the scientific mind. But there’s a parallel that we can draw from an old fairytale which might explain it.

The fairytale in question is Sleeping Beauty. You will recall how the evil fairy cursed the lovely princess with death. Take your mind back to the Garden of Eden; does this sound familiar? Indeed, the response of the humans involved is very similar to what we do about sin ourselves. We’re going to round up all the spinning wheels and make sure there is no occasion for this death to enter. This is a good idea — except for the fact that it doesn’t work. Despite our very best efforts, sin keeps coming back and death with it. But there’s a good fairy in this story also. She transmutes the sentence of death to one of sleep for 100 years.

The evil fairy could’ve let the whole thing go at this point. Because she didn’t she was defeated at the point where the good fairy transmuted death to sleep. It meant that the evil fairy could not keep her prey forever. That’s just like Satan; he can’t keep us forever either. She held on to the bitter end; surrounding the princess with thorns and eventually going into combat as a dragon against the prince who came to rescue her. The parallel is complete: Christ has taken on death for us and transmuted it to sleep. The sleep ends when he comes again — just like Sleeping Beauty’s prince.

As you partake this morning, please remember what Christ has done for us:

·         Remember the sacrifice he has made for us. He came from heaven and was found to be man like us, so that he might die like us to save us from our sins.

·         Remember the power that God showed when he raised Christ from the dead. No one else is able to do this.

·         Remember the promise of resurrection. Just as Christ was raised from the dead, so will those be who believe in him.

The body and blood of Christ are before you in communion. Someday we shall see him face-to-face.

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