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Communion Meditations (2018)


Risk of Faith

Originally scheduled for July 22

An interesting scene presents itself in this passage of Scripture. Jesus evidently feels it necessary to challenge the man to see if he is looking for a “WOW” experience, something he could tell his friends about or if he is an honest man seeking his son’s healing. Picture it today as if the man had driven up in a limousine. Someone jumps out of the front seat goes around to the back and opens the door for him. Out steps a man in a $1000 suit who walks right up to this prophet and asks for his son’s healing. Perhaps he himself doesn’t know what he’s asking for, but there is one thing he does know: his son is dying.

His answer reflects that. He gets right to the point and in so doing abandons all pretense of being a big shot. The problem isn’t his rank; the problem is his son is dying. So Jesus issues his second challenge to this man. Do you trust me, or don’t you? If you do, then do as I tell you. Get back in the limousine and go home; your son lives.

The man’s answer is in his action. Having known this Jesus of Nazareth for all of 30 seconds, and given a command that he might use to dismiss some peon from his presence, his action is a stunning statement of faith. He believed; he got back into the limousine and left. He started off immediately; no hesitation, no asking for other instructions — just do what you’re told, when you’re told, how you’re told.

The man was challenged where it would hurt. But to his credit he rung true, and acted as the prophet had instructed. He met the test.

Communion is a challenge to our faith as well. In communion, Christ makes certain promises:

·         He promises that his death on the cross is sufficient atonement for our sins, and effective for our salvation. He died for us.

·         He promises his imminent return to judge the living and the dead. That is reward for those who served him and justice for those who did not.

·         He also promises us that the dead in Christ will rise as he rose from the tomb.

In doing this he challenges you to be single-minded — not someone who’s just hedging his bets in church. He asks you to take action on it; publicly partake. Therefore, examine yourself; be single-minded, take action — eat and drink.

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