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Communion Meditations (2018)



Originally scheduled for July 8

One of the more enduring tales to be told in books and movies is the romantic vision of a band of heroes struggling against an overwhelming evil. We have seen several movies featuring the “Jedi Knights” struggling against the “dark side.” Those knights are patterned after the nights of medieval romance. It seems improbable that the Jedi would need a laser powered sword. But the image of the medieval knight requires a sword, and therefore so does the Jedi. Some of us of an older generation may even remember the name Davy Crockett. Dig back further and you’ll find Robin Hood and William Tell. It is a common theme in our fantasies. There are common elements in all of these:

·         There is always a variety of roles: Robin Hood had Little John, Luke Skywalker had Han Solo. There is often in there someone who is of great wisdom, like Yoda.

·         A variety of roles comes with a monotony of courage. All of these heroic souls are courageous.

·         It also seems that they require some sort of regular conclave. They get organized.

But — did you know that this vision of heroic souls is based on reality? It is true — and you’re part of the story. The apostle John tells us this:

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

(1 John 5:19 NASB)


The subject of Satan is not much preached these days. We don’t believe in the guy with the red tights and funny looking tail. But that’s not the real Satan, and we should know that. You recall that in the temptation of Christ Satan offered to give him all the kingdoms of the world if he would but fall down and worship him. That’s the first thing to know about Satan: he is the ruler of this world. We are the one opposed to him. We know little about Satan’s origin; we do know, however, that he is an angel in rebellion against God. More important to us is the fact that he is the enemy of our souls. God loves us; Satan wants to prevent that from getting through. He does this by temptation and sometimes by demon possession. But you can count on it: if God loves you, Satan hates you.

Satan has a clear set of intentions. One scholar put it this way, that Satan “wants to break the bonds of communion between God and man.” He wants to separate you from God.

If that’s what Satan is trying to do, those of us who are opposed to him should rather strengthen the bonds of communion between God and man. Combat Is with the Sword of the Spirit, but the ritual of Communion has a very important part to play. The Lord’s Supper is the persistent reminder of God’s great love for us. That great love is the basis of our bond of communion with the Lord. We need to remember that it is important. That’s why we do it solemnly. It is our conclave with the Almighty God.

So let me encourage you: with all solemnity and all pure intention, receive the body and blood of Christ this morning. Take, eat — and be one with God.


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