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Communion Meditations (2018)


Heaven Laughs

Originally scheduled for April 22

One of the reasons that the Bible continues to give us good advice and moral guidance is that the starting point of our problems is not our technology, but the human heart. Reading through Psalm Two you cannot help but be struck as to how familiar the phrasings of those who wish to throw off the Lord sound to us today. “We are liberated,” we proclaim, “and we have thrown off the chains of God because of our great and superior wisdom today.”

·         For example: marriage. In many churches today it is a rare thing to hear a sermon on the subject of adultery. We’ve had it hammered into our heads that it’s not adultery, it’s a “romantic affair.” You can’t avoid them so you might as well enjoy them. The pain of marriage breaking up is somehow not mentioned. You feel guilty? See your psychiatrist.

·         For example: confession. Christians were taught at one time that they were to confess their sins, one to another. Confession preceded repentance, which preceded forgiveness. Now we hold to “plausible deniability.” If we can come up with an excuse which just might be true we’re off the hook.

·         For example: abortions — they make money which somehow finds its way into the pockets of needy politicians. Those politicians then mandate that you must pay for abortions.

We, the church, go quietly into that black night where our moral teachings no longer differ from the moral teachings of the world. But have you ever considered what God thinks of this?

He laughs. He is not worried about it; no more than the elephant is worried when the flea tells him, “watch out! I’m a karate expert.”

So what is God going to do about this? He has already stated what he’s going to do and taken the first step. On the hill of Calvary he has installed his king, and by his body and blood we are forgiven. That King will someday take his rightful rule about which we are warned. Ultimately this provides us with the choice: those who want to object to God’s laws and those who accept and obey God’s laws. It doesn’t matter what most people think. I personally think gravity is excessive and that’s the reason I’m overweight. Somehow, God is not impressed with that thought.

In communion, you recognize that first step as having been made. By his body, by his blood you are forgiven and you have accepted that forgiveness. Taking those elements in communion tells the world as well as God that you believe and that you will obey. Most people know that communion proclaims forgiveness, but don’t you see that forgiveness must be followed by obedience?

The psalmist adds one thought here which is most encouraging — that all who take refuge in him are going to be most blessed. Therefore do not throw off the chains of obedience only to find that those chains were keeping you out of hell.

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