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Communion Meditations (2018)


Great Communion

Originally scheduled for May 20

Take a short flight of fancy with me, will you? Let us suppose that you have been tasked with providing the greatest communion service ever known. No effort, no expense is too great; you have all the time you need to get it ready. Think about the materials:

·         Would gold be sufficient for your communion trays and communion cups? Perhaps you would prefer platinum or some other precious metal.

·         What about the wine (or, as you prefer, grape juice). What type of wine? How rare is it? What vintage is it? What is the ideal taste for it?

·         And the bread? What type should it be? Made of what flour? Where was it grown?

Of course, you will need the right people to carry these trays with the bread and the wine. They certainly will have to have a pair of white gloves. Do you want weightlifters or waiters? Perhaps it would be your preference to engage a military drill team with their precise movements. This, obviously, might involve a large band or orchestra. Of course one primary concern would be who would deliver the communion meditation. He or she would have to be a speaker beyond compare.

There is a reason that no one has ever done this. Communion is a humble meal. The ingredients are very plain and very affordable even to the least.

·         Its purpose is to remember Christ, not to celebrate our own wealth and reputation.

·         In partaking of communion, we proclaim the Lord’s death. It is a somber and serious occasion.

·         One feature of communion is self-examination; looking for our own sins and causing our repentance. This is a very serious moment indeed.

In communion we tell the world that we are one body; each of us different yet each of us related to Christ. We are not a random collection of super saints. The value of communion does not come from those who organize the ceremony, nor those who partake. Its value comes from Christ, not us. We are not to be the proud who offer communion, but the humble will gather together to eat his body and drink his blood so that we may stay united in Him.

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