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Communion Meditations (2018)



Originally scheduled for November 11

If you wear glasses, you know that you will carry around some method of keeping them clean. It may be your handkerchief, the corner of your shirt or a special cleaning cloth. You don’t have to wear glasses very long to discover that they are dirt magnets. A little oil from your face gets on the glass and attracts dirt. Some airborne dirt (and dandruff) lands on the glasses and soon joins with your fingerprints to make your glasses an unreliable method of vision. A curious thing happens then. If you can’t see clearly out of your glasses, but think you can, your brain takes over. It creates images of things that aren’t really there, but fit with the signals it’s getting from the eyes. Your author can remember a time when he mistook his wife’s plaid robe for a pile of little bags of Halloween candy.

There is a cure for this; you need to clean your glasses. You can purchase packets which contain a piece of paper soaked in alcohol which will remove the dirt and oil. It’s a simple thing. It’s easily understood.

Have you ever considered that a similar process might improve your view of God? Permit me to explain. There is a proper instrument for seeing God. As Christ put it,

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

(Matthew 5:8)


The heart is the instrument with which you see God. If you want to see God clearly, you must keep that instrument clean. Like your glasses, the cleaning must be done frequently because the dirt of the world will soon cloud your vision. But Christ has provided you such a tool to clean your vision.

That tool is Communion. You have to do things in the right sequence to make this work, but it’s not really very complicated. Let’s look at the steps:

·         First, there is confession. Acknowledge your sins before the Lord. He already knows what they are; he wants you to admit that they are sins and they are yours. In short, you are telling Him you know you have a problem.

·         Next, there is repentance. There is no sense admitting the problem unless you’re willing to do something about it. That “something” is repentance. It means a change of direction; instead of doing it your way, you’re going to do it God’s way.

·         Finally, there is the renewal of fellowship. A “welcome home.” You renew your fellowship with God and your fellowship with your local Christian community by taking communion.

In so doing, you recognize the source of your fellowship               open expression Web for open expression Web and your ability to follow God: the sacrifice that Christ made on the Cross. The cup is his blood; the bread is his body. Do this in a worthy manner. Confess your sins, repent and renew your fellowship with God and with your fellow Christians.

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