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Communion Meditations (2018)


Father of Lights

Originally scheduled for March 4

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

(James 1:17)


The phrase, “Father of lights,” occurs only in this verse. It is an exquisite description of God the Father. As one writer put it,

God is the Father of all lights: the light of the natural world, the sun, the moon and stars, shining in the heavens; the light of reason and conscience; the light of His law; the light of prophecy, shining in a dark place; the light of the Gospel, shining throughout the world; the light of apostles, martyrs, and evangelists, preaching the Gospel to all nations; the light of the Holy Ghost, shining in our hearts; the light of the heavenly city: God is the Father of them all. He is the everlasting Father of the everlasting Son, who is the Light of the world.

Perhaps you haven’t considered it this way, but communion is one of those “good and perfect gifts.”

·         It is good first because there is no evil in it. More than that it serves the purposes of Almighty God in bringing those of us who are Christians to become more and more like Christ. Metaphorically, we feed on Christ and become more like him.

·         It is perfect. The meaning in this case is, of course, that it is perfect for a particular task. It is exactly suited to the purpose of causing us to remember the sacrifice of Christ. In the bread we see the body of Christ; in the cup we see the blood. Simple in design, it is powerful in effect.

·         The ancient church would have seen this as being a good thing, and good things come “from the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit.” It starts with the grace of God the Father, it was instituted by Christ the Son and its effect in our hearts is moved by the Spirit.

Given this, what should we do? May I suggest these things?

·         Accept the light that God has given you. If the Spirit is prompting you to repent, listen and learn and do as you are prompted.

·         Know that He won’t change his mind. He doesn’t shift his opinion; he doesn’t shift his law and he doesn’t shift his love.

Then, with all the reverence of a man handling a sacred thing, take communion in a worthy manner.

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