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Communion Meditations (2018)


Faithful Steward

Luke 12:42-48

Originally scheduled for April 1

It eventually happens to most of us. We meet someone who is sure he has a perfect proof that God cannot possibly exist. It goes something like this:

·         You tell me that God is good. He is 100% good; there is no “dark side” to him.

·         You tell me that God is omnipotent — he can do anything he wants.

·         Then this God of yours could erase evil from the planet if he really wanted to. And being good, he would really want to. So therefore your God doesn’t exist.

There is a simple answer to this. The people who study apologetics in detail don’t use this very much; but it has the virtue of being short as well as simple. Either:

·         God is not good, OR

·         God is not omnipotent, OR

·         God isn’t finished with us yet.

God the Merciful is waiting so that a few more of us might be saved. His patience will run out one day, we do not know when. But when it does, we will see the Day of Judgment. God will judge the living and the dead. He will do so on the basis of what people knew. Those who are experienced Christians who really foul things up are in for a nasty surprise. Those who are completely ignorant and did the best they could will be punished appropriately. We will all be judged on what we knew.

But how do God’s judgment and salvation relate to each other? Judgment reflects his righteousness. His salvation reflects his mercy. These two things touch at the Cross.

·         The horrible price that was paid for our sins—the life of Jesus, the sinless man, the Christ.

·         The unfailing grace of God, who sent his Son to that Cross.

This is what Christ commands you to remember as you partake of communion. It is not to be done lightly. As you take communion this morning, remember that horrible price — and the unfailing grace that price brought to us. There is no greater love.

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