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Communion Meditations (2018)


Dog and Ice Cream

1  John 1:1-4

Originally scheduled for August 19

The tale as my father told it: he pulled up to the ice cream shop just in time to notice a man coming out with a tray full of ice cream cones. The man walked over to a station wagon and began to walk around to each window. As he arrived, the window would go down and eager hands inside would grab the cones. Finally, he had one ice cream cone left. He walked around the back of the station wagon. The window went down to reveal a huge St. Bernard. The man took the remaining ice cream cone and stuffed it down the animals throat.

Pure joy just has to be shared.

The apostle John expresses something like that here. He tells us what he knows about Jesus and how he knows it:

·         He knows Christ to be the eternal God, in the flesh. The God who spoke and the worlds began became a human being and walked on this planet with the rest of us.

·         He didn’t come to be an inspector; he came to seek those who were lost. He brought with him the Word of Life so that we might live eternally.

·         This is not just a rumor that John heard. He walked with the man, he touched him, and listen to his voice.

·         Pure joy indeed; he now proclaims it to his fellow Christians.

John does not do this out of a sour sense of duty, or because somebody is pressuring him to do the right thing. Here are his reasons:

·         He wants to have fellowship with the rest of us. The Christian fellowship is a grand and glorious thing and by its very nature it expands.

·         More than that, pure joy must be shared. It is out of this drive to share the joy that John writes this letter. The water of life is flowing in him, bubbling up and bubbling out.

Interestingly, communion is a type of this fellowship. Fellowship is often expressed in a community meal — did you ever go to a potluck dinner? It is Christ that unites us in this fellowship; He is the one thing which pulls us together. There is no concept in the Scriptures that would tell you that Christianity is a solo flight. It requires the body of the believers to unite and support each other. By taking communion we declare our willingness to be that “band of brothers” that support each other.

Communion is a meal which is a memorial to Him — and more importantly to what He did. Jesus Christ was born a human being for the express purpose of becoming our sacrificial lamb. By so doing, our sins are forgiven. He was crucified, died, placed in the tomb — and rose again. By taking communion we reaffirm that this is what we believe most deeply. So as you partake this morning, remember that you are not alone — you are part of the fellowship of Christ.


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