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Communion Meditations (2016)

Jonah's Prayer

Originally scheduled for February 7

The story of Jonah, as recorded in the Old Testament, includes the prayer that Jonah prayed upon being thrown overboard. We might take a short look at that prayer, for its elements are much more common than we think.

·         If you recall, Jonah had been thrown overboard after he admitted that he is the source of the problem. He’s been running away from God. And yet the first thing he tells us in his prayer is this: “I called… He answered me.”

·         He even recognizes (verse four) that he has been expelled from God’s sight. It seems as if God has utterly and completely rejected him. Then comes the word, “nevertheless.” Despite all that he has done wrong, Jonah is appealing to God.

·         You will note too that everything in this prayer is written in the past tense — until we get the verse nine. The point in that verse is in the last sentence: “Salvation is from the LORD.”

Listen to Jonah with your heart. Have you ever been in a situation like that?

·         Your plight was so bad that you overcome your reluctance to admit your own sin. You called out to him despite the fact that your situation is rooted in your own fault.

·         You knew that your circumstances came from God’s justice and discipline. In short, you’re getting what you deserved. But still, “nevertheless…”

·         So you said to yourself, “Salvation is from the LORD.” But how can you be sure of that? How do you trust him to reverse his own discipline for your sake? How do you know that God is willing to do that?

Consider the evidence that is being presented to you in Communion. It is a form of evidence that he presents to you each week.

·         The Cross shows us his love towards us. Remember, many of the people who were laughing at and sneering at Christ on the cross would, about seven weeks later, become charter members of the First Christian Church of Jerusalem. Did he threaten them? No, he asked his Father to forgive them.

·         His death paid the atonement price. We have been redeemed; mercy has triumphed over judgment. He will forgive.

It is a fact that human beings are much more in need of reminding than they are of instruction. That’s why he asked us to take Communion on a regular basis. One reason is so that we will never forget that no matter how desperate our plight, no matter how much it’s our fault, nevertheless he will still come to our aid. He only asks that you remember the price he paid to do that.

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