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Communion Meditations (2016)

Blood Types

Originally scheduled for August 7

The name of Karl Landsteiner is not known to most Americans, but the results of his research are very definitely common knowledge. Landsteiner discovered what most Americans would call blood types: the familiar A, B, AB, O system which is used to guide the correct transfusion of blood between one individual and another. Landsteiner also made several other contributions to medicine, including the discovery of the polio virus, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1930. Without this system we would not be able to successfully donate blood and have it used for another person. This is particularly important today because most blood donations are simply that of the red cells, not the whole blood. It is extremely important that the blood types match. Landsteiner’s work transformed blood from a simple fluid to an essential of the art of medicine.

There are some simple rules for transfusing blood between one human being and another. The rules may be simple, but if they are not followed, death may result.

·         You have to have a blood type as donor which is acceptable to the blood type of the recipient. All those little bags of blood look the same; the wrong stuff looks just like the right stuff.

·         The purity of the supply of blood is extremely important. You can kill someone by transferring disease in a transfusion.

·         It may seem simple when you watch it done, but the art of setting up a transfusion is something which is a skill which needs to be learned. You have to know what you’re doing.

Similar restrictions apply in the spiritual world as well. The ancient Israelites were forbidden to eat meat with its blood still in it (Leviticus 17:14), as the blood was considered to be the life of the animal. Indeed, the Old Testament teaches us that without blood there is no forgiveness of sin. In the sacrifice of Christ, our atonement, the same principles apply.

·         The wrong stuff looks like the right stuff. Many religions deny the possibility of a sacrifice for the sake of sin, but the Christian knows that without Christ’s blood there is no forgiveness.

·         Only the blood of Christ will do, for only it is pure, unstained by sin. We demand purity in our foods; we likewise expect it in the atonement. Purity is extremely important.

·         The appeal to follow Christ is often a simple one, and it seems that anyone could devise his own form of Christianity. But it is much better to have someone who knows what he’s doing guide you. You have to know what you’re doing.

The perfect sacrifice of the right stuff, the pure sin-cleansing blood of Christ perfectly given to us as our Passover lamb — only this will do. Therefore, as you take communion, do so in remembrance of the one Who shed his blood for you.

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