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Communion Meditations (2016)

According to His Riches

Originally scheduled for October 16

Perhaps you have never thought of this, but there is a certain style to giving. It largely depends upon the reason for which the giving is done. For instance:

·         There is a type of giving which is based upon someone’s need. The giving tends to be quite simple; no one wraps a gift for a guy with a cardboard sign by the freeway exit.

·         On the contrary, there are those gifts we give for special occasions — weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. These we present rather ornately in wrapping paper, and hope to receive a form of appreciation from the recipient.

·         There is also giving by social status. If you know someone who is rich, you expect them to give more just because they are rich.

That last item deserves a little more attention. If you expect a rich man to give generously, simply because he is a rich man, then how much more would you expect God to give? His style of giving would indeed be that of one who is both holy and enormously wealthy.

The Scripture assures us here that he will give “according to his glory.” As one author put it, “glory is to God as style is to an artist.” If he is giving to meet someone’s needs, the needs will be met with the gift which is pressed down and running over. He will give inappropriateness to the occasion; specifically, when it comes to rendering salvation to those who are sinners who call on his name, we find that he has been more than extravagant. If it’s his social status, then consider how completely and abundantly he gave you salvation.

Style is important. Do you not see that God gave his only Son for us on the Cross, and did so in a simple manner that would reach and touch the hearts of the lowest orders of society. His sacrifice is completely understandable by even the least of us. It is also a style that flies above what the richest and most capable of us could do. It is one thing to give money; it is another thing to give your only begotten son. Thus, when he instituted the memorial feast for this, he needed something that would have the simplicity to touch the lowest and the elegance to touch the highest. Thus we received bread and wine, after giving thanks.

Ponder it, if you will. This day you have been given a reminder of the greatest gift that any human being can have: salvation. The reminder tells you of the price he paid for this gift. Even in its style you can see the simplicity and compassion of God. So before you partake today, set your mind in order. Confess your sins to God and then partake of the gift which he gives you. Do not take it lightly; do not take it quickly, but rather in the full reverence it deserves.

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