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Communion Meditations (2014)

Safe Surrender

Originally scheduled for February 2

California, like many other states, has what is referred to as a “safe surrender” law.  Under this law, a newborn child may be surrendered at a hospital, fire station or other designated site with no questions asked.  If, as is usually the case, the mother is surrendering the child she will be asked to fill out a medical history questionnaire.  This assists in giving proper medical care to the child.  But the surrender is anonymous – and final.

It is intended as an alternative to abortion.  As such, it has not been much of a success.  California has about 100,000 abortions every year (the state does not report the number);  last year there were 45 babies surrendered under this program.  Being a child surrendered in this way has its problems, though; it is being “sentenced to the system.”  California’s bureaucracy is not a very good substitute for loving parents.

What is it that a child really needs?  Of course, the needs for food, shelter and clothing have to be met.  More than that; a child needs instruction, guidance and discipline along the way.  Most of all, though, a child needs love and hope.  Can you imagine what it does to such a child to know that they were discarded at birth?

But – take heart, child.  There is One who loves you more than anyone else could.  Christ went to the Cross for “whosoever will” -  and that includes you.  At communion we remember the sacrifice that Christ made for our sins; our atonement.  We can measure his love for us by the price he paid – his very life.  He did not do this just for the “worthy” sinners; indeed, trying to figure out who’s worthy and who is not is so difficult that he never bothered with it.  No matter how many times life has kicked you down the stairs, he’s at the bottom waiting for you.

As you partake of communion this morning, look with the eyes of your heart at the bread, his broken body.  See in the cup his blood, shed for you.  It is the price of atonement; it is the proof of his great love for you.  Take this in; become like him – and go out and show the same unconditional love to others that he has shown for us.  Freely you have received; freely give. 

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