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Communion Meditations (2014)

Open to All

Originally scheduled for May 4

The sacrifice of Christ on the cross is the center point of the Scriptures – and of human history.  It’s important for us to know some of the characteristics of this sacrifice:

·         First, it is final.  The sacrifice was made once, and there is nothing left to be sacrificed.  This is the sacrifice which cannot be improved upon, for it is perfectly effective.

·         Next, it is open to all. The issue of salvation does not depend upon whether or not God is willing; rather, he has made it clear that salvation is open to “whosoever will.” 

·         Finally, there is no list of “acceptable” sins.  The only qualification for becoming a Christian is that you have to be a sinner first – and Christ is not picky about which type of sinner.

Communion proclaims these truths. 

·         Communion is a reminder of the sacrifice of Christ – not a new sacrifice.  It points our minds to what Christ did at Calvary; it’s not a sacrifice on our own.

·         It is open to all who believe.[1]  In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female but all are one in Christ Jesus.

·         Surprisingly enough, there is no special form of communion for the really wicked.  That tells you that sin is sin – and Christ is not picky about that either.

This should be a source of joy to all Christians; consider it.

·         There is no need – indeed, no way – to work your way into heaven.  You arrive by the grace of God, which is both free and infinite.

·         Your social or economic status is no barrier.  Those who take communion together are the church – the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

·         No matter what you have done, you are one of the “in crowd” – forgiven at the expense of Christ.

So, as you partake this morning, be reminded of the Cross – which brought your Savior pain, and brings you great joy.

[1] This is not a point concerning “open” or “closed” communion.  The point is that the church is “open” – or it’s dead.


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