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Communion Meditations (2014)

Measuring Value

Originally scheduled for July 13

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that measuring the value of something cannot always be done with a credit card. 

·         There are some thing which we do value using a credit card.  They are the more mundane things of life; these are the things of which Christ said, “Your Father knows you have need of them.”  Gasoline, grain or gravy; they are worth what you pay for them.

·         Other things are valued by what you forego in order to keep them.  If you have the world’s most perfect wife, it’s wise to forego all the others to keep the best.

·         Some things are know by how tightly you cling to them.  Have you ever seen a small child clutching tightly to a teddy bear? No price tag can measure that.

May I suggest that the “Pearl of Great Price” – your faith – can be measured in these ways as well?

·         There is a monetary measurement – tithes and offerings.  Your checkbook is often your biography, you know.

·         If you are a true Christian, then you have let go of what the King James Version called “the pleasures of sin for a season.”  What you don’t do is sometimes a measure of who you are.

·         Perhaps most precious of all is how you cling to the faith.  This is especially true in times of grief, when comfort can be freely given but never purchased.

We may see these ways of measurement in the love God has shown to us, as well.

·         The agony that Christ suffered on the Cross is the most visible means by which we can see God’s love for us.  It is that suffering and death that we are called to remember in Communion.

·         Think, too, of what Christ gave up for the opportunity to die that way:  He who was in heaven, the equal of God the Father, left the glory of his life there for our sake.

·         Even today, we see God’s love in the way He clings to His Bride – the church.  His providential care for us is shown in the billions of people who worship him.

We cannot put a credit card number to all this.  He does not ask us to try.  All that he asks us to do is to remember his great love for us, shown at the Cross.  This do in remembrance of him – who sacrificed beyond our measurement that we might be saved.

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