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Communion Meditations (2014)

The Light Has Come

Originally scheduled for June 22

There are a number of people who are quite certain that their imagination of the truth is greatly superior to any truth revealed to us.  They don’t need Scripture ;  they have things all figured out with nothing but their own brilliance to guide them.

Take, for example, the question of who’s going to wind up in heaven, and who’s going to wind up in hell.  (Ignore for the moment where they got the idea of heaven and hell.)  They usually start out by telling you that God is love (where’d they find that?) and that a loving God would never send anyone to hell.  Of course, that is subject to some debate.  Usually someone will come up with the name Adolf Hitler as a possible exception to the rule.  So we have to make some exceptions, it seems. 

But how do we know what exceptions to make?  Note that the question isn’t, “who’s good enough to go to heaven” but “who’s bad enough to go to hell?”  The normal response is some form of the Cosmic Brownie Points system:  if you do more good stuff than bad stuff, you go to heaven.  And, conveniently enough, without the slightest assistance from the Savior who taught us most about heaven and hell.  I don’t need a savior; I have brownie points.

Satan lies by twisting the truth.

·         God is love – which is why He sent His Son to die at Calvary. 

·         The wicked – defined as those who won’t repent and be saved – do go to hell.

We should note that God both cherishes and rewards the good works of those who love him.  Indeed, it seems a fair test of whether or not you do love him.  Faith without works is dead.  But we get to heaven because of the Cross, not our good deeds.

So why do some people persist in inventing their own road to heaven?  It comes down to this:  the Light of the world has come.  Those who cherish the light – even as it reveals their faults – come to the light.  Those who love darkness run from it – if not literally, at least intellectually.

In communion, we are reminded that we are in the light solely because the Light came to us.  It is a reminder of what he has done so that we might be saved.  We remember the agony of Calvary, endured by the sinless man for our sake.  The cup is his blood, the bread his body – and together they opened the narrow way to heaven for those who love Him.

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