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Communion Meditations (2014)


Originally scheduled for March 9

One of the difficulties new Christians sometimes encounter is the concept of revelation.  We are quite accustomed to the idea that truth is something we discover; so how does one go about proving Christianity in the laboratory?

Most truth is indeed discovered – and not always by scientific methods (history, for example.)  But some of it must be revealed by God directly, for we could not discover it by ourselves – and we need to know it.  But notice this:  however the truth is acquired, it is usually taught by authority.  Your high school physics teacher didn’t have you construct an atomic bomb as a lab experiment. Most of what we know was taught to us by authority.

This is the source of the teacher’s greatest problem:  getting you to remember, especially after the class is over, without direct experience.  Even Christ had this problem;  he wants you to remember his sacrifice on the Cross.  May we take a look at how he goes about keeping things in your memory?  It’s a familiar list:

·         Repetition.  He has implemented communion, the Lord’s Supper, as a memory device – and asks you to repeat it regularly.  How often depends upon the denomination, but whether you do it daily, weekly or monthly you are engaged in repetition – so that you will remember.

·         Mnemonic.  In case you’re not familiar with the word, it means an aid to the memory. Musicians remember “Every good boy does fine” – the first letters tell you the notes on each line of a treble clef in music.  Mechanics remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” You are taught by the symbolism of the bread for his body, the cup for his blood.

·         Test.  Every student knows you always prepare for the test.  So it is that Christ tests you in communion by asking you to examine yourself.  You are grading your own test – so you have reason to be honest with yourself.

But Christ extends his training of your memory beyond that.  Where two or more are gathered in his name, there he is with them.  His Holy Spirit indwells us.  It’s like having a coach in athletics.  You not only have a coach for practice, but he’s there during the game as well.  The Holy Spirit will bring to mind that which you should act upon.  Notice:  “bring to mind”, not “force you to do.”

So I encourage you today:  examine yourself.  See if the sin in your life stands between you and a pure hearted relationship with your Lord and Savior.  Let the Holy Spirit bring to mind that which troubles you; then commit your ways to him who is able to save.  Examine yourself, and remember the truth.

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