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Communion Meditations (2014)

Duck and Rabbit

Originally scheduled for February 23

Most of us should recognize the name Chuck Jones.  For those of you who don’t, it is sufficient to tell you that he was the creator of several cartoon characters for Warner Brothers.  His version of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are the ones that stick in most people’s memory.  Bugs, in his cartoons, was always in control, clever enough to control the wildest of events so that he always came out ahead.  Daffy, on the other hand, simply thought he was clever enough.  Chuck neatly expressed the human condition this way:  "Bugs is who we want to be. Daffy is who we are."  Comedy and tragedy are the same art, and should be written (or drawn) by the same cartoonist.

He’s right, you know.  We are all, spiritually, Daffy Duck.  You don’t think so?

·         How often in your prayers have you given God specific directions on how to fix some particular situation in your life.  Thy will be done – but according to my directions, right?

·         How often have you started a major change in your life – and only afterwards sought God in prayer.  My will be done; I just want God to bless it.

·         How often have you discovered sound advice in the pages of the Scripture – shortly after having done something to the contrary.  But you were sure it was a good idea at the time, right?

Why is this so?  Perhaps it is because the human heart longs for the “happy ending.”  It doesn’t matter if you’re Bugs Bunny or Indiana Jones, you want the end of the picture to come out right – for you. But have you noticed that only perfect people get that result – which is to say, no one ever gets everything they hope for.  We can’t be clever enough to manipulate everything to come out the way we want it.  Things are going to go wrong.  One reason they go wrong is that we are sinners; we want to do it our way rather than God’s way.  That’s the real human condition.

God has provided us with a way to have a happy ending – at his expense, but not through our cleverness.  He paid the price of our sins on the Cross, not so that we could have everything we want – but everything he knows we need.  We need forgiveness; we’re not perfect.

Communion is given to us for a simple reason:  God wants us to remember that truth.  He wants us to remember that no matter what we’ve done, forgiveness is available.  So he gives us Communion.  It helps us focus our minds not on what we’ve done wrong, nor on our clever schemes to recover from that, but on his atonement.  The happy ending is coming – soon, Lord Jesus, soon – and we shall see  it.  In the meanwhile, remember what Christ has done for you – and partake with a grateful heart.

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