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Communion Meditations (2014)

Don't Knock

Originally scheduled for March 16

One of the most accurate measures of how close you are to someone is your front door.  It’s the guardian of your home; how people gain entrance tells others just how close they are to you.

·         Some knock and ask permission to enter.  This might be a salesman; but if you let them in they are usually someone who has a good reason to be there.  The Avon lady always knocks.

·         Some knock and are instantly let in.  You’re glad to see them – maybe surprised, too – even if they only came over to borrow a cup of sugar.

·         Others have a key to the house.  They don’t knock; they just come on in.  These people usually have refrigerator privileges.  If your name is “grandpa” then you know that these are your grown children.  They are always welcome at home – particularly if they have the grandchildren with them.

The privilege of being the adult child is indeed marvelous.  Mom and Dad are always happy to see you (did I mention bringing the grandkids?).  Whatever was going on when you arrived is put on hold.  Your parents share their space with you, their food and their fun.  That’s the light side of it.  Sometimes, when the times are sad, those adult children share the work to be done and even share the sorrow that must be born.

If you will look at it that way, communion is such a family meal.  Thus, we know that all of God’s children are welcome at his table.  Indeed, he asks you to come.  Communion signifies our family’s blessings – and burdens.

·         If you understand communion, you know it to be a symbol of your great blessings – the blessing of eternal  life; the blessing of the love of God and his care for you.  This family lasts forever, and you are part of it.

·         It is also a symbol of our burdens here on earth.  We are the imitators of Christ.  He suffered; we should expect no less.  The servant is not above the master.  You are to share these burdens one with another – like family.

So there it is:  welcome to the family of God.  Don’t knock; just come on in.  The Father is expecting you.

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