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Communion Meditations (2014)

Clear Channel

Originally scheduled for September 14

In the days when radio was in its heyday broadcasters had discovered that AM radio signals carried quite a bit further after sunset.  For this reason, most stations were required by the FCC to reduce their signal power quite a bit at dusk.  Old-timers who lived out in the country will remember that transition; often, it meant your favorite station just disappeared. Their signal would interfere with that of another station in the distance, using the same frequency.

In most areas, however, one station was allowed to stay at full power all night.  There were a number of reasons for this, one being that radio stations were frequently used as navigation beacons for pilots.  These stations, called “clear channel stations”, could be heard for hundreds of miles.  The music was middle of the road, and often mixed various styles.

The stations themselves worked hard to get and retain long distance loyalties. They would frequently advertise their status (“This is KFI, the only clear channel station in Los Angeles.”)  and how it was unique in the area.  They encouraged listeners in outlying areas to write in – then would read the letters on the air.  That not only flattered the writer but also impressed people with just how far that signal could reach. 

They also played to the loyalties of the listener.  In particular, the station in Los Angeles was for many years the radio home of the Dodgers.  As many games were played under the lights, this gave the Dodgers an extended fan base over a wide area.  (It didn’t hurt that the Dodgers’ announcer was a man named Vin Scully – who as of this writing is still with the club, some fifty years later.)

Communion is the clear channel station of God.  You don’t need a translator; nor do you need some special receiver.  The symbolism of communion is simple, but deep.  This is my body; this is my blood. In so doing, God strengthens your loyalty to Him and to His church.  Indeed, it also encourages you to communicate with God. 

What does this communication from God say?  It says, over and again, that God loves you to the point of dying on a Cross; He loves you to the point of forgiving you and then teaching you his ways;  He loves you to the point of taking you home to be with Him at your death.  Communion – the clear channel of God’s love.

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