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Communion Meditations (2014)

Cleaning Your Glasses

Originally scheduled for February 16

For some of us it is astonishing just how dirty our glasses can get.  It happens a little bit at a time – a fingerprint smudge here, a little oil from the face there, the occasional bit of flying dirt or even a touch of whipped cream from your super-grande size café mocha latte.  But have you noticed how little you notice these things?  It has to get pretty dirty before we usually do something about it.  It’s also interesting that the first step in cleaning them is to hold them up to the light – to get a much clearer picture of the dirt.

Christ’s forgiveness works in much the same way.  The sin in our lives rather creeps up on us, usually.  We don’t notice the difference from day to day.  It’s like your glasses – you have to hold yourself up to the light to notice the problems that add up little by little.  Your Master can cleanse and forgive those sins, just as you clean your glasses – but it starts with holding yourself up to the light.

That’s why communion is a time of self-examination.  Christ gave us the Lord’s Supper so that we might put our lives into his light and see where the dirt is.  Then we need to do these three things:

·         First, confess the sin.  Confess it to God; there is no reason not to – he already knows about it.  But as the occasion arises, confess it to other Christians.  If you have sinned against someone, confess it to them, and ask their forgiveness.

·         Next, repent.  If you know it’s wrong, stop doing it.  This is not just a mental exercise.  Christ knows that this is difficult, and you may be repenting of something which keeps recurring in your life.  No matter; repent anyway.

·         Then, accept the forgiveness of God, seeking the forgiveness of others as you can.

Communion reminds us that our sins are paid for at the Cross.  As we partake, we remember the body hung on the cross and the blood shed for our sins.  It is our reminder that sinfulness is not hopeless; God’s grace is freely available. When you partake, you are telling the world of Christ’s death and the atonement it made for us.  You need to remember that “us” includes you.

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