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Communion Meditations (2014)

Born Again - In Zion

Originally scheduled for May 18

The story as told to me went something like this.  In the 1930’s Hitler’s persecution of the Jews drove the storyteller’s father to announce to his family that they were emigrating to America.  The storyteller, being about ten years old at the time, thought  America to be much too far away. There were plenty of other countries much closer.  Why America?  “Because,” his father answered, “We are Americans.  We were just born in the wrong country.”

Christians are like that.  We are all born into Satan’s world, born into the kingdom which will someday be cast into hell.  But Christians don’t emigrate; they’re reborn.  They are reborn into God’s kingdom.

That’s us:  born again.  How do we do this?

·         There is the outward symbol of rebirth:  baptism.  It is a picture of death, burial and resurrection – and the start of a new life.

·         Inwardly, we are born of the Holy Spirit.  When we allow that new spirit in, we are reborn spiritually.

One songwriter put it this way.  He pictured Jesus at the last judgment, picking out one of his children and saying,

                “This one was born in Zion;

                                Make no mistake, this one is mine.”

That’s us: born in Zion.  There is no mistake; we belong to Christ. 

He asks us to remember that rebirth  by remembering what He had to do to obtain it for us.  Think first of the tremendous humbling He went through:  born into our world, as a baby, just like us.  The Incarnation is indeed a supreme miracle, and without it we could not be born again.

The price he asks us to remember is his crucifixion.  The bread is his body; the cup is his blood.  Taken together they tell us the story of his agony on the Cross.  This is the price – the nail scarred hands, the pierced feet, the wounded side – shown to us each time we take communion.  Remember that you are indeed born again – and remember the price he paid for it.

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