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Communion Meditations (2014)

Praise the Lord - Psalm 113

Originally scheduled for November 30

It is not generally well-known, but we know exactly which hands Christ would have sung (or chanted) at his last Passover during which he established the Lord’s Supper. That first saw me with used is Psalm 113. It may be broken down conveniently into three sections.

In the first section the servants of God are directed to praise him.

·         They are summoned to his praise, acknowledging that they are the servants of God.

·         There to praise him throughout all time, now and forevermore.

·         They are to praise him throughout all creation, “from the place where the sun rises to the place where it sets.”

In the second section, they are specifically directed to praise him for his character.

·         He is exalted far above all nations.

·         He is unique; there is no one else like.

·         Yet, he stoops to look down towards his servants.

In the third section, he is to be praised for his habits concerning the treatment of the poor.

·         He raises the poor from the dust — remember King David ?

·         When they are raised, he seats them with princes.

·         But his most tender touch of all is to give to a woman who cannot have children the ability to bear many of them.

As we approach the time in which one ought to contemplate one’s soul, remember the command that God has laid upon his people that he should be praised. You should praise him for who he is, his eternal character. Then praise him for how he treats the common man — even to the point of the cross.

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