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The Trinity

  1. Three in One - well, at least two in one (Moëbius loop exercise).
    1. We can't see something that is three but also one at the same time.
      1. But isn't this a function of living in our world of time & space?  Is God so limited?
      2. There is also something frantically irreverent about denying what we are told by God. 
    2. At the same time?  What is time to God the Father?
    3. Moëbius loop
    4. Something differing in accidents but the same in essence (I Am).  Sharing the same attributes.
  2. The nature of Christ - fully human, fully divine.
    1. Human - to be the Lamb of God
    2. Divine - to be the perfect Lamb of God
    3. Compare the Spirit as the giver of life - the spirit returns to God which gave it.
  3. His humanity
    1. No one doubted it while He was with us. 
    2. A common form of heresy ("left no footprints") on the pious (Greek philosophy) view that the body is inherently evil, and Christ could not be evil.
  4. His Divinity?
    1. The trustworthiness of Christ (liar, lunatic, Lord)
    2. What are the alternatives?
      1. If the Gospels lie, why?
      2. Torture and death failed to produce a confession of "hoax"
      3. Millions died with a hymn on their lips - for a lie?
      4. If it's a myth, would a Jew believe it? (If it's a myth, a Jew started it).
      5. Jesus' divinity was published while the original disciples were still around - and no one proclaimed it a myth.
      6. How many brilliant men believed - all deceived?
      7. If the Incarnation is a myth, then an even more unbelievable miracle occurred - a lie gives birth to saints.
    3. Myth - debunked by the age and style of the documents
    4. Guru - not the style of Christ, who taught openly and clearly
  5. The Trinity
    1. Three yet one?
    2. God is love, and therefore plural.
    3. Was this a later addition, or is it there in the New Testament
    4. Holy Spirit and unforgivable sin
    5. A model for understanding
      1. From the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit
      2. Sayre's model
      3. Others
  6. Why should you believe?
    1. It is intrinsically possible.  Nothing says it couldn't have happened
    2. It is probable; it fits with the character of God.
    3. It works.  See the lives transformed.
    4. It gives the greatest hope.
    5. It is the only rational, honest alternative.
  7. Why don't you believe?
    1. It's not by rational argument.  Most never examine it that closely
    2. Jesus is OK, but Christians aren't.
    3. The fear of the teachings of the church
    4. Moral reluctance - I'd have to call Jesus Lord - and give up …
    5. We want to be in control; Jesus is not at our command
    6. Pride
    7. Not intellectually fashionable (not politically correct).
    8. Americans particularly:  all religions are created equal. 


Book for the week:  The Mind of the Maker, Sayers, Harper & Row

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