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Other Religions

  1. "All religions are equally true false"
    1. That's separation of church and state, right?
      1. A political convenience, not the truth.
      2. A legal fiction, but a useful one
      3. Governments can make this decision - but people must decide
    2. Don't impose your morality on me.
      1. Is there "my morality?" 
      2. How am I imposing it on you?  I'm offering it to you, not forcing you.
      3. A burr under the saddle - but irrelevant to the point.
    3. Do we have Hindu physics?  (Nature of truth)
  2. Western vs. Eastern
    1. Western:  you are wrong on some points, right on others
    2. Eastern:  it's not right or wrong, it's more or less.
  3. A categorization of non-Christian belief systems
    1. Agnosticism (don't know)
    2. Belief (do know)
      1. Atheism
      2. Theism
        1. Polytheism (eg Hindu - one God and many lesser ones)
        2. Monotheism
          1. Pantheism
          2. Super-naturalism
            1. Deism (God is real, but not revealed directly)
            2. Revealed theism
              1. Unitarianism (Islam, Judaism)
              2. Trinitarianism
  4. Nine "Christian answers" (from conservative to liberal)
    1. You're all going to hell
      1. Motivation for missionaries
      2. Remember:  Christ, not Christianity
      3. Hell is for volunteers
    2. We can't judge whether or not a non-Christian is hell bound, but we can say that certain religions are false.
    3. Other religions have some truth but only Christianity has The Truth (Way & Life)
      1. Complete
      2. Infallible
    4. Other religions have "precursors" to Christianity
      1. "Myth become fact" (Lewis)
      2. Exception:  Judaism
    5. Religions are different, but not comparable.  (There exist dogs and cats; which is better?)
    6. All religions are the same at their mystic core.  The true believers are really one; all others are focused on trivial differences.
      1. Gnosticism (secret knowledge for the enlightened)
      2. Popular with academics (Aldous Huxley)
    7. Religion is wholly subjective ("Whatever works for you").  (A point which practically all religions deny)
    8. Religion is evolutionary and progressive.  Bah'ai is better than Christianity because it's "more evolved."
    9. Christianity is the worst religion because it's so exclusivist


Book for the week:  Abolition of Man, Lewis

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