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Existence of God

  1. Existence of God
    1. Cosmological proofs
      1. Change - â The unchanged changer (uncaused cause)
        1. Prime example is motion in the universe
        2. Can you name a change without a cause?
        3. Note that this implies the omnipotence of God
      2. Efficient causality â The necessary being
        1. Necessary and contingent beings
        2. Note that this does not require evolution - or even sex.
      3. Intelligent design â omniscience
        1. Note that this is not related to evolution (different use of the phrase)
        2. Does imply omniscience
      4. Big Bang / Kalaam â the uncreated creator
        1. Could the universe will itself into existence?  It is absurd.
        2. Whatever/Whoever created is therefore not matter or energy but something else (Spirit)
    2. Existence of Truth (e.g., math) â source of all Truth exterior to universe
      1. Is the Pythagorean theorem true if there is no universe?  How about 2+2?
      2. The attack of subjectivism (Stephanie's example)
    3. Morality â the righteous God
      1. What goes around, comes around
      2. Where did we get our concept that right and wrong exist?
    4. Experience
      1. Scripture as record
        1. If no God, where did 1500 years of Bible writers get these ideas?
        2. Moses, of all people, knows there is a God.  No proof required or submitted.
      2. Personal experience
        1. You are the greatest expert on what God has done for you.
        2. This is most effective with someone who knows you.
      3. Liar, lunatic or Lord
  2. Nature of God
    1. What we imagine
      1. The indifferent God
        1. "wants you to be happy"
        2. Spin up the universe and watch - but don't touch
        3. Requires very little to nothing from you
      2. The helpful (only) God
        1. Shaw's "boop".
        2. Firehouse faith
      3. The cosmic bean counter
        1. A misimpression from our sense of morality  - our way imposed on his righteousness
        2. A mainstay of other religions, especially Islam
      4. The revealed God
        1. We are defending the faith shown in the Scriptures
        2. Justin Martyr's three steps
    2. The God who is
      1. Exists absolutely (existence = essence)
      2. Infinite (beyond limits) â He is One
      3. Transcendent (not part of the universe) â God is spirit
      4. Immanent (in Him all things have their being)
      5. Omniscient
      6. Omnipotent (not limited by His creation, unless He so chooses)

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