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Perhaps no book in the Bible is more subject to misuse than Ecclesiastes.  It chronicles Solomon's search for meaning in life - and along the way he praises many things.  But the search ends with, "Fear God." 

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Ecclesiastes 1 Vanity - the opening statement of Solomon's search for meaning.
Ecclesiastes 2 The Perils of Pleasure - eat, drink and be miserable.
Ecclesiastes 3 Turn, Turn, Turn - a time for every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 4 Three Cords - the depth of Solomon's nihilism.
Ecclesiastes 5 No Delight In Fools - Solomon first introduces the fear of God in his search for meaning - a limited introduction. He compares oppression and riches, and ends with the "right solution."
Ecclesiastes 6 Bummer, Dude - a parrot gives us a clue to life; Solomon reveals the fear of God.
Ecclesiastes 7 Better Life, Balanced Life - money, time and attitude; the limits of wisdom.
Ecclesiastes 8 Temple and State - Solomon's view of how to conduct yourself in a political life.
Ecclesiastes 9 The Value of Wisdom -  Solomon's view of life, before the coming of Christ changed everything.
Ecclesiastes 10:1 - 11:8 Old Man's Wisdom - Solomon dispenses wisdom on a number of topics, some of which seem relevant to politics today.
Ecclesiastes 11:9 - 12:18 Remember Your Creator -  Solomon's final advice, as an old man, warning and encouraging the young man.







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