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Communion 2010

Work of the Hands

Originally scheduled for August 22

Have you ever considered the hands of those who prepare this Communion meal?

·        Often enough, those hands belong to those who are not public figures in the church. They’d be sorely tried to speak in public.

·        Frequently they are the hands of those who are old in years. It feels right that even in old age your hands can help.

·        Certainly, they are the hands of those who arrive early – they must finish before you can begin.

·        Above all, they are the hands of people who know that quiet, unnoticed service to Christ is still just that: service to Christ.

Think, then, of Christ’s hands:

·        They were hardened by work, strong enough to drive the traders from the Temple.

·        They were soft enough to reach to the lowest and least. His hands dealt with lepers, prostitutes and infants.

·        Most important of all, they were pierced for you. They were nailed to a cross so that you might live.

Now we may consider your hands:

·        They will hold Christ’s body today – broken and bruised for you, dying in your place.

·        They will hold Christ’s blood today – shed freely for you, that you might have forgiveness.

In the most spiritual sense, you will feed on Christ today. In so doing you should become more like him – a little Christ, a Christian. So it is that your hands become his hands, his work becomes your work – even if it’s behind the scenes, even if it’s the little you can do. As you partake, remember the Christian you are to become.

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