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Communion 2010

Windshield Wipers

Originally scheduled for March 28, 2010

For those who do not live in the American southwestern desert, this may sound a little strange. If you live where rain is frequent, you may have no idea of this problem. But if you live in the desert, it happens every year. It concerns the windshield wipers.

The primary source of dirt on the windshield in the desert is not mud. That requires water – and there is precious little of that. No, it’s dust. Mud is pretty obvious on a car, but dust can build up very gradually. Each day the windshield looks about like it did before, so you just go on driving. Distances are long in the desert, so you just adapt to the dust. You’re going to be in it for a long time.

Then comes that once in great while rain. The first rain of the season usually isn’t much water – just enough to suddenly show that your wiper blades are streaking. They’ve deteriorated in the sunlight, and are hard from lack of use. Which might not be so bad except that the dust is now mud. Not dirt, mud.

The solution is easy, of course: replace the blades regularly and keep the windshield clean.

If you’ve been neglecting Communion, you will find you have much the same sort of problems. The dust builds up slowly – the wear and tear of sin in this world – and soon your spiritual sight begins to deteriorate. But it goes slowly, so you don’t really notice. Eventually your spiritual life is a mess – but it seems like it’s always been that way. Then comes the storm! The spiritual storm shows you that your ability to keep yourself pure has gone, and now you’re faced with the cleanup.

The solution is much the same as for the car. First, you need to replace the blades – the things that wipe away the dirt. In short, you need to repent! Go to your knees and ask forgiveness of Almighty God; get your act cleaned up.

Following that, you need to stay clean. That’s what Communion is for. Each time you partake, you examine yourself and repent before things become serious. It’s just lie cleaning your windshield regularly.

So I ask you: how’s the view out of your windshield? Time to clear the mud?

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