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Communion 2010

Put It On Your Calendar

Originally scheduled for March 21

Most of us keep a calendar of some sort. For many of us it’s on a computer, or our cell phone. Some keep a paper calendar. Many of us have more than one calendar which gives us the difficulty of making sure the calendars are properly synchronized.

Suppose, then, you were to place this Communion on your calendar; what would you need to know?

The first detail of an appointment is simply who it is with. In Communion your appointment is two fold:

First, you are meeting with Christ. In some mystic way he is present, and your thoughts go first to him.

But you are also meeting with the church. There is no sense in Scripture of Communion being a solo activity; we do it together.

The next detail is where? For most of us the answer is the church building – but it is clear that it could be any number of places. Summer camp, winter retreats, weekend seminars – all these could be such a place. Wherever two or three are gathered in his name, there he is also.

When? Well, obviously, that’s now. The appointment doesn’t last long though; only a few minutes. But note that the apostles made this a recurring appointment. It’s not something you do “once in a while” or “when you feel like it.” It’s something you do regularly.

The most important question, of course, is why. This meeting has a subject: it is, “Remember,” It is in this meeting with Christ that you remember his sacrifice on the Cross. You remember the agony which produced his body and blood as emblems for you. You remember the sacrifice he made. You remember the salvation that this sacrifice brought to you. You remember the grace of God.

It is as He said: “Do this in remembrance of me.”

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