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Communion 2010


Originally scheduled for December 5

Those of you who have traveled abroad will certainly recognize the requirement to have a passport. This little blue book, with your name and your vital information in it, is necessary to pass international borders. Losing your passport can leave you stranded at the airport, waiting for the next flight. It's a small item, but a necessary one. Interestingly enough, the passport is categorized by the country that issues it. It doesn't matter where you're going; it matters where you call home.

In some senses communion is like a passport. It is a small thing; it takes very little time. Indeed, the elements we take are physically small and of themselves. Like the passport, it is also a necessary thing for the Christian. In a sense, it marks the fact that you have crossed a border — the border between the worldly life and its lack of hope, and the Christian life full of hope. Communion tells the world where you call home. By taking communion, you declare to the world that this world is not your home, you are just passing through.

As any business traveler can tell you, the world's favorite destination is home. Some frequent fliers like to brag about how many countries they visited in how little time.   But eventually bone weariness sets in, and you long for home.  Perhaps you hadn't looked at it this way, but your passport is your guarantee that you will be allowed to go back home. If you lose your passport in some foreign country, we might just not let you come back. Communion proclaims that you are one of us, and headed home to the same destination.

So take heart, traveler, your passport was issued by your heavenly country. By the power of the cross your Lord will welcome you home. Each time you take communion, you celebrate this fact.

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