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Communion 2010


Originally scheduled for February 21, 2010

In every congregation there exists a small group of people for whom the right English expression is very different from the “almost right” English expression.  They are the grammar police; they believe there really is a difference between “lightning” and “lightning bug.”  Should you encounter such, you may confirm the fact that the word, “partake,” is something that cannot be done alone.  It implies sharing.

That carries with it two implications.  First, you must have enough to share.  Second, you must have someone with whom to share it.  (Never end a sentence with a preposition).  Thus we partake of Communion.

Enough to share

We can rejoice in our Lord’s generosity, for there is indeed enough to share:

·   The sacrifice of Christ, once and for all, is sufficient for all mankind.  It’s not just for the first 144,000 applicants.

· Christ’s sacrifice is intended for all – “whosoever will,” as the Scripture assures us. 

· More than that, it is sufficient for all our sins – no matter what you have done, as a repentant sinner you are welcome at his table.;

Sharing with others

Sometimes it feels like we take Communion alone – in a crowd of people.  But having those who share with us has its effects:

· In sharing we build the unity of the church.  When you share a meal with someone it’s hard to be angry with them.  In an ordinary meal you pass the salt; in this one you pass the bread of life.

·  The Scripture declares that by participating in one loaf we become one body.  Somehow, in ways that we may not understand, we become one in Christ by being one in this supper.

Therefore, as we come together to share this meal, do not take of the bread and cup.  Partake.

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