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Communion 2010

Not To Believe

Originally scheduled for December 19

“The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is not to believe that he loves you.” - John Owens.

Did it ever occur to you that you can lay sorrow and burden upon God the Father? Indeed you can.

Consider first sorrow. If you will recall all that God has done for you before you ever knew him, you would be able to see the source of sorrow. He has sent his Son – his very life — to this planet for the specific purpose of dying for you. That is the greatest sacrifice one man can make for another. He did this out of love, not out of compulsion. Can you imagine then the heartbreak that comes when someone rejects so great a gift?

It is also a burden. Look at it this way: he has already done the maximum that can be done. If you reject this, then out of love he must look for something else to turn your heart towards him. This is intrinsically extremely difficult.

Yes, this is the greatest unkindness that can be known. You know this instinctively. Why else do you teach your children to say, "thank you?" You don't want them to appear to be ungrateful. You yourself have received unwanted gifts before, but you know that civilized adults say thanks anyway. What if the gift is indeed very precious?

You might think this has nothing to do with Communion. But it is not so; taking communion lightly is just another form of this. If this is nothing but empty ritual, or you're doing it because everyone else is doing it, then you are telling God that you don't believe he loves you. Consider well your thoughts; God knows them, and knows the burdens they can bring.

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