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Communion 2010

The Morning After Christmas

Originally scheduled for December 26

It is the very definition of quiet chaos. You get up on the morning after Christmas, dressed for church, and walk through the living room. Wrapping paper is everywhere. Over in the corner is that little tin windup toy Santa, the one with the drum on the back of the tricycle. Everyone likes to wind up watching go across the floor, making an incredibly raucous noise designed to split the eardrums and fracture are the nerves of the parents.

There are regrets. There are the things you did not get for Christmas. How your wife was supposed to know that you really wanted a hydraulic ramjet peanut butter spreader is some what beyond comprehension. But that doesn't lessen your disappointment.

Perhaps you also regret that you did not tell the story. I know that everyone's heard it; and they put it more than once. But as you look back on Christmas Day you think to yourself, perhaps I should've told the story. Perhaps I should have mentioned what Christmas is all about.

It's important. For the birth of Christ, the Incarnation, is the basic miracle of Christianity. Without the babe in the manger there would be no Christ on the Cross. If there is no cross, there is no resurrection. If there is no resurrection, then death triumphs.

But there is a manger with a babe in it. He grew to go to the cross; he went to the grave. That is what we remember here at Communion.  It is the triumph over death that is the basis of our faith.  At Christmas you should remember to tell the story. At Communion you tell the story each time. 

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