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Communion 2010

Keeping Relationships

Originally scheduled for January 17, 2010

One pastor – who evidently didn’t want to sound too dogmatic about things – told his congregation that “adultery might be harmful to your marriage relationship.” One of the wives in the audience said he had that almost right; just a few substitutions would make that correct, namely:

· Replace “might be” with “will be.”

· Replace “harmful” with “fatal.”

· Replace “your marriage relationship” with “your body.”

This makes things much clearer. But in addition to what you don’t do, any relationship requires a certain amount of positive maintenance. You bring her flowers; you take her out to dinner – it keeps the relationship running smoothly.

In the church marriage is often used as a portrait of the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church. Adultery has its parallel in idolatry; but we also have parallels in maintaining the relationship. Marriage requires conversation; discipleship requires prayer. Marriage requires that you learn your mate’s ways; discipleship requires study of the Scripture. Marriage requires that you share your memories; in discipleship we have the Lord’s Supper.

In the Lord’s Supper we remember what Christ did for us at the Cross – the very basis of our relationship with him. In so doing, we examine ourselves and remove anything which is harmful to our love for Christ. In return we receive the greatest balm which can be poured into any relationship: forgiveness. Communion is the time when we heal our relationship with Christ.

So I encourage you: remember what Christ has done for you at the Cross. Examine yourself in the light of the Cross; repent of anything which casts a shadow between you. Confess your sins and receive his forgiveness. His mercy is shown by his sacrifice; his love endures forever.

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