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Communion 2010

Keep Going

Originally scheduled for July 18

Most advertising campaigns are eminently forgettable. We are flooded with commercials and advertisements to the extent that they tend to blur. But once in a while a campaign touches a resonance in the human heart, and we remember it. Usually the advertisement has something visual that’s hard to forget. One such campaign has as its motto, “Keep Going.” Of course you know which campaign that is: the Energizer Bunny. For twenty years we’ve been hit with the sight of the pink bunny with the drum. It is so well known that the company that makes the product also sells slippers – pink bunny slippers with the trademark sunglasses on them.

Keep Going – it strikes a chord with us because it is so hard to do in life. The Christian life runs into that as well. It’s hard to keep going as a Christian:

·        We run into discouragement in our lives. The trials of life tend to grind us down, especially if we thought that becoming a Christian was the end of our troubles. But “in this world you will have trouble,” said our Lord. Often enough trouble comes with discouragement attached.

·        We run into distraction in our lives. The calm spiritual life is greatly valued – and often out of reach when the baby throws up, the car breaks down, your back goes out and temptation sets in.

·        We run into the distemper in our lives – the sense that things are just not going the way we want them to, and it’s got to be someone else’s fault. We just don’t know who.

For such things Christ has provided us a reminder that in the ultimate struggles of life the victory has already been won. It is the Lord’s Supper; it reminds us that ultimately the struggle with death has been won. Christ has triumphed over the grave. What we see as the ultimate defeat is really the path to victory.

How are we encouraged to keep going?

·        First, Communion is a reminder: we’re on the winning side. Ultimate victory has been won at the Cross.

·        Second, we are provided a chance to confess our sins and repent, restoring our relationship with God.

·        And finally, it’s a chance to bring the discouragement, distraction and distemper to God – and leave these things with Him.

Communion is God’s way of telling us to keep going – until he comes again.

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