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Communion 2010

I Believe

Originally scheduled for June 27

Have you ever considered that by taking Communion you state in symbolic form the things you believe? Such as these things:

·        You believe that Jesus of Nazareth is God in the flesh. He is fully human, born of Mary. He is fully God, born of the Holy Spirit. No one else could bridge the gap between man and God.

·        You believe that Jesus was crucified; he died and was buried – thus atoning for our sins.

·        You believe that He was then raised to life again by the power of the Holy Spirit – showing us who holds the keys of Death and Hell.

·        You believe that He ascended into heaven – where he sits at the right hand of the Father, pleading as our advocate.

·        You believe that because of his sacrifice, we have the forgiveness of our sins.

·        You believe that because we share the same symbolic meal, we proclaim the mystic unity of the church. One Lord, one faith, one birth.

·        You believe that we do this “until he comes again.” In so doing we proclaim his imminent return – and thus the coming Judgment.

·        You believe that when that Judgment occurs, the world will see that those who are truly his disciples have eternal life.

Perhaps you think of yourself as someone who could never speak in public. No matter; all of us know that actions speak louder than words. As you partake of this symbolic meal, your actions proclaim who you are and what you believe. Do this, then, in remembrance of the one in whom you believe.

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