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Communion 2010

Following Instructions

Originally scheduled for September 19

Those who grew up before the era of ubiquitous handheld video games will remember such childhood delights as Mother May I, Red Light/Green Light and Simon Says. It’s worth noting that no one can play these games perfectly – and in fact the games depend upon that. Children can follow most instructions, but often enough they will miss the command completely. It’s so absurd, it’s humorous. Some children are better at this than others, of course, but it’s clear that no one is perfect – even when Simon Says the instructions are clear.

It’s a basic fact of life: we’re all sinners. It’s also a fact that we don’t like that; we get frustrated with ourselves because we can’t be 100% perfect. Often enough we seek to distract our own thought from this.

·        Sometimes our self-distraction is this: “it’s not my fault.” My parents didn’t raise me right; I didn’t get the right body, character or wallet; it’s just the environment I’m in.

·        Another self-distraction is this: “I’m better than so-and-so.” (You pick the so-and-so.)

The truth is that it is your fault; after all, you did it. And it doesn’t matter who you are better than, you still did it. You, like all the rest of us, are a sinner. And you want to do something about it.

Christ already has. By his sacrifice at the Cross he has paid the penalty due for your sins; you are forgiven. He asks you to accept that fact and in accepting it follow him. But just as sin is persistent, so is Christ’s reminder that you are forgiven. You take Communion regularly to remind yourself that you have been forgiven – at a price. Remember that price as you examine yourself today, then take and eat. You are not perfect – but Christ is, and he has you covered.

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