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Communion 2010

Election Soup

Originally scheduled for November 7

Elections are a constant theme in America. They might well be compared to the making of soup: largely a matter of throwing in the next ingredient so that the broth will become palatable to the customer. The political message from any candidate boils down to this:

  • I'm so wonderful I'm sliced bread. How any intelligent, thinking person could vote for anyone but me is beyond comprehension.
  • My opponent may not be the Antichrist; but the letters in his name do add up to 665 — so you can see that he's pretty close.
  • Therefore, if you vote for me things will be completely wonderful.

The Christian should remember that the system of politics in this world belongs to Satan. If you want to see how well this works think about the individual who volunteers to support a candidate. Suppose that you. You work for the candidate; not the other way around. You contribute time and money to him, in the hopes of some vague future benefit. Indeed, many volunteer has left the campaign after the election wondering just whether or not any good was achieved.

The system of Jesus Christ works completely differently. The politicians words are usually hot air; the words of Christ are life. His sacrifice gives life; indeed, he came that we might have life more abundantly. Politics, compared to the living Word, are nothing. The proof is at the Cross; it's a destination at which you usually don't see any politicians.

Politicians do have one problem in common with Jesus Christ, however. They want you to remember what they have done for you. So they send you flyers, newsletters, campaign cards and all sorts of other trivia. Christ too asks that you remember him. His method is much higher, for he asks you to bring your own experience and thought to the table of remembrance. So as you eat and drink, remember just what Jesus did for you. The politician lasts for one or more terms; the blessings of Christ are eternal.

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