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Communion 2010


Originally scheduled for June 6, 2010

She floats forlornly at a pier in Philadelphia, the last of her kind.  She is the USS Olympia, the flagship of Admiral Dewey’s fleet at the battle of Manila Bay in 1898.  Now just a tourist attraction, there is little money available to remedy the defects of a ship over a hundred years old.  The Spanish-American war is now just so much history.  There are no ceremonies to honor those who sacrificed their lives in that war.

Today is D-Day, the anniversary of the landing in Normandy.  The troops who went ashore that day are now old men; most of them are dead.  Just for that reason, memorials to their sacrifice are becoming fewer and fewer.  While these men live, we will remember what grandpa went through.  In time, as they die, D-Day will become just so much history.  Once they are gone, we forget their sacrifice.  The ceremonies cease.

But for two thousand years Christians have kept the memorial ceremony for the sacrifice Christ made at the Cross.  That alone should tell you the truth:  Jesus lives!  He is the one who has conquered death and the grave.  The memory of that sacrifice does not fade, for Christ is eternal.  So it is that we remember by joining in Communion.

What do we remember?

·        First, we remember the sacrifice Christ made – his very life – for us.

·       We also remember our own sins, so that we might repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

·     Then we remember the result of that sacrifice:  we have eternal life.

So, until he comes again, we remember.  As you partake, remember that he lives – and therefore you will live too.

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