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Communion 2010

Clean As You Go

Originally scheduled for November 21

Military veterans will recall the constant instruction: "clean as you go." It is always tempting to put off cleaning chores until tomorrow, or later, but drill instructors and mess sergeants know the cleaning must be done as you go. Doing it later just does not produce the same results. In the meanwhile, the mess hall will not pass inspection.

The method works as well in spiritual things. Most of us like to let sleeping dogs lie, and not face the sin in our life. Taking care of these problems as they arise is a much better method. For example:

  • This method prevents the small things from growing large silently. How often have you heard that a particular sin just crept up on someone?
  • It also denies the wages of sin. Sometimes sin just looks for a tiny crack to get in.  If we are conscious of that, it's easy to clean up the problem at the beginning.  We can take the problem to the Lord, and ask us to "lead us not into temptation."
  • Perhaps most important, it helps us deal with besetting sin.  It's discouraging to deal with such; the feeling that each week you come back and try again with the same problem.  But that's much better than giving up entirely.

So then:  at communion, examine yourself.  See if the small things are creeping up on you; examine the new temptations which seem so small at first.  If you need to, repent again of that problem sin.  Repent - and start again.  The sacrifice of the Cross is effective for all of these -- it remains our task to apply it each week. 

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