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Communion 2010

Be True

Originally scheduled for November 14

You need not say, "I am true."  Be true.  - C. H. Spurgeon.

Many Christians are convinced that there is no sense in attempting to witness to others. Street evangelism is beyond them; preaching to a crowd is something they cannot even think of. But each of us does have the privilege of proclaiming the life of Christ — in our own lives. Think of it this way:

  • What about your speech? Has it changed since you become a Christian? Do people know that you are a man of faith because of the way you speak? You may have noticed that certain Christians seem to quiet the wave of obscenities whenever they enter the room. It is the tribute that vice pays to virtue; it is the evidence of a life in Christ.
  • Consider to your honesty — the fundamental integrity of a human being. Do people "just know" that you are trustworthy? Is your word your bond? This is particularly noteworthy in the small things of life. Nothing so impresses the waitress as when you hand back the change she should not have given you. It may only be a few nickels, but the testimony is golden.
  • There is also the matter of kindness. Most of us are sure that if we were confronted with a major test of kindness, we would glow with Christian charity. Most of us never get such a test. It is the kindness in every day living, the care for those whose claim on our kindness is so small, that marks the Christian witness. You may not even remember the act of kindness that bears witness to Christ upon someone else.

Your life proclaims Christ, if you are a Christian. You also proclaim him at communion. Do you not see it? Why would you take communion, unless Christ had made such a sacrifice for us? More than that, you wouldn't do this unless you believed that sacrifice was effective in cleansing you of your sins.

An honest man cannot be deceived. When you take communion, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes again — which means you believe he is coming again. Let the integrity of your life be the witness that says this communion is effective, and my Lord shall soon return.

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