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Communion 2010

Back to School

Originally scheduled for September 26

Autumn has officially started. The word itself brings memories in the air; the color of the leaves, the crispness of the air, football – and that magic and dreaded phrase, “back to school.”

For the student it means that summer has gone by too quickly again. The word “back” seems to say it all: going backwards. But we might encourage our students with the thought that they are going back – to learn more. After all, the idea is that this process will help turn our youngsters into adults some day. So the cycle of the year begins again. But most teachers know that “back to school” is not just a time to learn new things; rather, learning new things starts with a reminder of what was taught last year. This is most necessary; how many of you really remember how to solve a quadratic equation by completing the square?

Communion serves these two functions as well. It is an experience where you learn more:

·        You learn more about yourself. As the Spirit gives you insight, you discover that the “you” of your own vision and the sinner God sees are coming closer together. Your sins stand out more; you discover that you’re not nearly as perfect as you thought you were.

·        But you also learn more about God’s grace. When the light of God shines on your sins, it is the light of grace. As you know yourself more painfully, you discover the greater glory of God’s grace in forgiveness.

You also need a review. Each time you partake, you review the reason Jesus came: to seek and save the lost. It is a time to contemplate the great love of Christ, reviewing again what He has done for you. It is also a time to remember the Cross, and the pain and sin he bore on your behalf. As you partake of Communion, review the past – learn for the future.

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