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Communion 2010

A New City

Originally scheduled for October 10

In the great faith chapter, Hebrews 11, Abraham is described as seeking a new city (verse 10). Suppose your employer transferred you to a new location; you now need to locate a city in which to live. What would be your criteria for selecting a city? Each of us would answer that question slightly differently. Abraham had the same problem – only spiritually. What did he seek?

“… a city with foundations.” American music says the city should be built on “rock and roll”; most of us would like a foundation a little more solid than that. People in earthquake country (think California) will tell you that rock and roll is not what you want your city to be doing. But what should you choose? Spiritually, the Christian seeks that city whose foundations are in God. The church is built on the rock of Christ; the rest of the world builds on transient and temporary things. Consider well the things that last. Nothing moves God; He’s earthquake proof.

“…whose architect … is God.” Some communities are planned; others just grow. Think of your own spiritual life this way; do you just “let it happen” or do you follow your Maker’s instructions? One of those instructions is that you are to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross regularly. It’s a command to focus on the fundamentals of the faith.

whose … builder is God.” All the plans in the world are meaningless unless you get a builder who can fulfill them. We can look to the past to see what has been built and what lasts. The only builder who can erect that which is eternal is God. Everyone else builds temporary structure.

God’s great work of architecture is the church; its foundation is Jesus Christ. In communion we are asked to remember this; but we are also told to do so, “until He comes.” We look forward to His return and our eternal home; we look back to see the sacrifice which made that possible. As you partake, consider well: just what foundation is your life resting on?

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