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Second Peter (old series)

The second letter by Peter bears little resemblance to the first, in terms of its content.  In his first letter, Peter was giving hope to a church in persecution.  This letter is very different.

This letter, written at the end of Peter's life, warns the church about those will come with false doctrine - the heretics that even then were starting to infiltrate the church.  This letter is his last word of warning.

2nd Peter 1:1-11 Make Every Effort - How, in light of the grace of God, we should make every effort to be the true imitators of Jesus Christ.
2nd Peter 1:12-21 In Causa Mortis  - Peter reminds his readers of his authority and experience as a apostle - and warns them to be ready for the return of Christ.
2nd Peter 2 False Teachers -  Peter's warning that false teachers will arise from within the church, motivated by greed and the desire for pleasure.
2nd Peter 3 The Day of the Lord - Peter's warning of the coming of the Day of the Lord, and what we should be doing to prepare for it.

The reader will please not that this is the older of two studies of this letter contained on this website. The newer study can be found here.